Exporting as FBX Error

I’m trying to export my model as an FBX. Each piece has under 10,000 tris and the export settings are the default. It allows me to export as an OBJ but when I try to as an FBX, the following error occurs in the image below.

Anybody know what’s causing this or have a fix for it?


This is a common Blender FBX exporter problem. This is because one of the pieces of your mesh is corrupted, broken and will not export

What I do?

Start exporting all the parts by separate, with the same name, just export, delete, export, delete, and once you find the corrupted one, redo it and thats it

I was able to export all of them I divudally.

That is weird, there must be a corrupted mesh, but well, then its fine, just export them individually