Extreme Connection and Server Issues?

So, i’m making a game on ROBLOX and just released an update for it. However, when I go to play on it in play mode, I notice that the “wait for datastore” part of my loading always ends up failing, but the moment it tries to teleport me to the intermission place, it says that i need to check my internet connection. I go to join back on that same server and get an ID=17 error. I’m then debating whether it’s on my end (it happened the moment i released the update but it also threw some errors with the roblox client itself).

I then go and shutdown the servers and try this multiple times. Still the same result. I then go look at all the game servers and see this:

These are all me, and all these servers were shut down however still displayed. Does anyone have any idea why this is occuring?

(This is the game link: Phantom City - Roblox)

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