Extremely small ParticleEmitters parented to attachments using :Emit() become increasingly "streaky" the further away the character is from the origin

A detailed description: For some reasons extremely small particle emitters become extremely “streaky” the further the emitter is from the origin when particles are emitted from the :Emit method. This is most noticeable when the player passes 2048 studs in either direction. Note that this isn’t really visible with large particle emitters but it is definitely noticeable with small ones.

Where it happens: Both studio and in-game, no specific game.

When it happens: First noticed it 2:18 AM ADST on April 3rd 2023.

Videos and images:
This is a 3D particle emitter positioned just in front of the camera. Notice how the particles don’t disperse properly and make weird vertical line artifacts when the camera passes the 2048 stud boundary (when the camera goes past the baseplate). They are parented to attachments and need to be so small because of how close they are to the camera:

Repro files:
Here’s a repro file with my setup. The script creating the emitters is inside of StarterPlayerScripts. To reproduce the issue, put your camera past the baseplate, contrast with within the baseplate
smallParticleEmitterIssue.rbxl (42.2 KB)

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We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and we will update you when we have further information.

Thanks for flagging!