Ez Parkour Obby! [REVIEW 4]

Hello Roblox Developers, I’m DevYoyo, a creator of Obbys themed games, Well today I come to present the breakthrough in my game, a year ago I uploaded a review, And well I wanted to present the progress on this, Here I leave the progress and more, Greetings.

-New Stages
-Implementation Of Table With Progress
-Changes In gui (Sale, Colors, Sounds)
- "Added stage gui + %" - "Added stage gui + %".
-Decoration and Sound Changes
 - Reached 200+ Stages
 -Among Others

test the game in order to cast a conscious vote in favor of the game

Game Information:

Group ← We are 200 Members!


Discord: yoyo#1111
Roblox: Here!



thank you for all your support!
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Thank you very much for your time, I hope to share with you soon, with pleasure @iDevYoyo.

don’t forget that you are free to leave recommendations in the comments, I will answer them as soon as possible, THANK YOU!

The Stage UI situated on the top of the screen looks a little cluttered. Maybe stretch out the top box a little, and make the text a bit bigger for the lower box. Gameplay is a bit repetitive, but it’s pretty fun overall. Just to burn time.

You could also (possibly) add little infoboxes for each of the UI icons, like just a bit of text to explain what you should do with the menu buttons, etcetera.


thanks for your recommendation!, I will follow them