F | Handbook Bulletin.

Pleasentries and welcome to Frutia! We are a Juice Bar established by @avqls in 30/09/20! We strive delicious smoothies, and variated drinks made with imported juice directly from Canary Islands! We treat our customers with courtesy and respect while we work tirelessy to make everyone enjoy!
Additionally, we are a growing community and made this to have fun and enjoy!

You can join our ROBLOX group if you wish!

:roblox: LINK: Frutia - Roblox

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Please follow this guidelines and regulations to make the communications server a safe place to enjoy and communicate, if you aren’t agree with rules, feel free to leave. If you do not mind this basic rules, no problem and enjoy your stance!

#1 Appropriate Roblox nickname and Discord Profile:
Please, refrain to use inappropriate profiles such as NSFW, Profanity, Racism, Homophobia, etc. As we do not want to hurt anyone and remain this discord server safe.
#2 Respect:
Do not insult, fault to respect any other customer or staff member and refrain from talking about sensitive topics and making someone feel bad, this includes KAM2020, PrideFall, and those type of sensitive movements.
#3 Swearing And Cursing:
Swearing and cursing is totally inappropriate and must be just used in Direct Messages, refraining to do so will cause a removal from the server.
#4 Advertising / DM advertising:
DM advertising is totally prohibitted and it’s terminated from our server, under no circumstaunces you should DM advertise. Doing so will cause a permanent removal from the server.
#5 NSFW:
Non-Safe for work content (NSFW) Is totally prohibited from the server and should not be represented never, NSFW contains, lewd anime, pictures, videos, vocabulary, etc. Do not send any pictures you wouldn’t show your mom.
#6 Arguing:
Arguing if you get warned or kicked for some reason is strictly prohibitted, it can cause from a kick to a permanent removal.
**#7 Cyberbullying:**¨
Any type of cyberbullying will cause a blacklist from all of our games, servers, departments, etc.

Our allies are really important, they help us, support us and cooperate with us, everytime, you should treat them with respect, being staff or not, alliances may be treated with courtesy and strict respect. How can I ally? Ally with us with this document! (It will be updated each time we see it’s needed, such as when we reach a special number of members.

Alliance Form: