Facing serious performance issue and critical framerate drops

Hi there,

I launched the first early alpha of my game. To the game itself isn’t much yet, I made another post talking about features and ideas you guys have. But I also got some feedback in the Discord server of the Devforum. A lot of people ran into critical framerate drops.

I were reading other posts but nothing worked.

  1. There are very little parts, most are unions.
  2. StreamingEnabled is, well, enabled. The distance is kept very short.
  3. The terrain under the map is removed and replaced with parts instead of terrain.

Things that would help me:
Join the game and tell me how your performance goes, it would be very helpful if you tell me your PC and graphic card so I know how much I need to improve the performance, I could also need some tips to fix the framerate drops.

Game: Mirstone [OPEN ALPHA] - Roblox

Phil :heart:

Well that’s a mistake. Unions are known to have performance problems.

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I heard that unions usually improve performance. When I had loads of parts, it also didn’t load better, since there are so many unions it is a tiny bit better. But do you have any tips maybe? Thanks for the feedback though :slight_smile:

Use more meshes and less unions. :slight_smile:

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For a simple answer, convert them to MeshParts and odds are it’ll do better.

For a more complex answer, only use MeshParts when you have a bunch of the same complex geometry instances that can be cloned and moved somewhere else.

If you use a bunch of similar MeshParts, it can really help with performance as opposed to a bunch of UnionOperations. That and setting MeshParts to have no collision when it’s not needed.