Faction and Order Update Log

The Journey

It all started in 2020.

It was the Covid-19 lockdown period. Most of the world stayed at home, and I was left with my computer.

It was during those days that an idea sparked in me - what If I tried making an RTS game?

I made a post about my development on an RTS project. It gained quite attention from a few of the forum members.

Over time, some people came and said that they would like to help. However, I do not have funding to pay their work, so I was hesitant and refused.

During the first year, the game was still barebones, yet some people enjoyed it. It warms my heart to see someone giving positive feedback on my project, so I continued the game.

When school reopened, I had to leave the project for 6 months, and the players seem to lose hope in me - and I began to lose hope in me.

I tried making other projects, but there was a shadow of me that I couldn’t quite run away from - I enjoyed developing RTS games, but not other games.

So I returned in May 2022, this time determined to renew the game.


The Long Road
  • Most businesses are more likely to succeed by writing twenty plus pages long documents about their long-term strategy and vision for the company. Being a lone developer that I am, I do think that such act is unfeasible.

  • Going forward, I would like to work on Faction and Order in the long term, improving the game from community feedback, and to have a few hundred concurrent players would be a great achievement for me.


  • The goal of this project is mainly as a way of turning my hobby into a potential side income, but I am happy to make the entry barrier to RTS games less demanding and growing the niche of RTS players in Roblox. Why? because I thoroughly enjoyed this genre, and there are not much games in this genre to choose from.

  • That’s a good thing, though. You don’t want to oversaturate the market with RTS games that will most probably play the same, but someone has to make a new game every few years or so to keep the newer generations’ interest.

  • At this point in time, I just hope to have a working game, playtested by some people.

  • Hopefully, some form of advertising by January of 2023.

Update Log

This is a really long section so if you didn’t come here from the game page, now’s your chance:

Game Page


20 June 2022
  • Ported the game to v 1.0.0! Woohoo!!
  • Uh, gonna ask people for some real bug hunt
  • Alright that’s it, more of the update log somewhere scattered across my Trello, Discord, and the game description.

8 June 2022

For today, I’ll to complete the unit attacking system.

7 June 2022


  • Completed movement system, but there’s still a few wierd edge cases with pathfinding;

Sometimes, units move backward from their current position towards the waypoint, even when no U-turns are involved.

The pathfinding doesn’t work well when more than 8 units are involved, due to problems above, and how they don’t converge on
narrow pathways.

  • Unit attacking system is a slow progress, always bugs to take care of.

27 May 2022

Oh, it’s been 10 days already. How fast time goes. It goes faster, and faster. Here, we call that acceleration.

  • Completed Ally system for 2v2v2 and (n)v(n) Predetermined versus types!
  • Work on soldier units system began.

17 May 2022

Hi! It’s been a week, I think. so I got a lot of stuff done during this time :smiley:

  • Matches are now configurable!
  • Joining a match is now possible!
  • You should be able to join a running match
  • Multiplayer game server is in its infancy :wink:

13 May 2022
  • I’ll try to update the log at least once a month.