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The Journey

It all started in 2020.

It was the Covid-19 lockdown period. Most of the world stayed at home, and I was left with my computer.

It was during those days that an idea sparked in me - what If I tried making an RTS game?

I made a post about my development on an RTS project. It gained quite attention from a few of the forum members.

Over time, some people came and said that they would like to help. However, I do not have funding to pay their work, so I was hesitant and refused.

During the first year, the game was still barebones, yet some people enjoyed it. It warms my heart to see someone giving positive feedback on my project, so I continued the game.

When school reopened, I had to leave the project for 6 months, and the players seem to lose hope in me - and I began to lose hope in me.

I tried making other projects, but there was a shadow of me that I couldn’t quite run away from - I enjoyed developing RTS games, but not other games.

So I returned in May 2022, this time determined to renew the game.


  • At this point in time, I just hope to have a working game, playtested by some people.

Update Log

This is a really long section so if you didn’t come here from the game page, now’s your chance:

Game Page


17 May 2022

Hi! It’s been a week, I think. so I got a lot of stuff done during this time :smiley:

  • Matches are now configurable!
  • Joining a match is now possible!
  • You should be able to join a running match
  • Multiplayer game server is in its infancy :wink:

13 May 2022
  • I’ll try to update the log at least once a month.