Factory Simulator Changelog - V3.02


• Allowed placements in between plots.
• New interactive tutorial (will only show up for new users).
• New In-game index! Currently only has recipe information, but more will be added in the future.
• Machine recipe description in shop replaced with a button that takes you to the in-game wiki page.
• Shop UI and crate spinner colors changed to match everything else.
• On mobile, the inventory will now be fullscreen when it’s open.
• On mobile, tapping the same object twice while in delete mode will delete it without requiring you to tap the delete button.
• Placement previews now have obvious arrows on input/outputs.
• Conveyor belts have arrows indicating direction in placement preview.
• Made caves brighter.
• Night time is brighter.
• Sell zones will now automatically sell any touching dropped items when you first place them
• Fix of plot spawning issue.

Thank you for playing our game, and see you again in the next update!