Fadeful Studios Bulletin

Welcome to Fadeful Studios

Fadeful Studios is a newly introduced Roblox game studios group all ran and developed by one developer, the owner comfycass. This bulletin should cover everything you need to know and your asked questions regarding Fadeful Studios!


This area will cover frequently asked questions that we receive from players.

Q: How can I become a moderator/developer/staff for this group?

A: W stamembers or moderators that we would like to join our team as of now. Unfortunately for becoming a developer, we are not hiring so unfortunately you are unable to become one for this group.

Q: How can I report a user?

A: As of now, if a user is bothering you the only thing you can do is report them to roblox unless a moderator+ is in your server and is able to handle the user. Please note we do not handle bullying, harassment, etc and only handle exploiters.

Moderation Actions

What our in-game moderators can utilize depending on the violation you committed.

Exploiting: Permanent Ban
Mass Spam: [1] Warning, [2] 24-Hour Ban, [3] 72-Hour Ban
Major Disrespect to Staff: [1] Warning, [2] Kick, [3] 24-Hour Ban
Doxxing, Leaking: [1] 72-Hour Ban, [2] Permanent Ban