Failed to load animation - Sanitized ID

the title is pretty self-explanatory but i think id give some additional info
the animation does work in roblox studio but it doesnt in the roblox launcher for some reason
i am NOT the owner of the game but i am the owner of the animations, that may be the reason. i do have the permission to edit the game (im helping a friend).
is there any way to actually make it work?

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By helping a friend do you mean that he’s the owner? if he is, that might be the problem - because he didn’t own the animation but you do so it’ll work fine in studio but not in the real game.

yea, they are the owner. now how would i go about actually getting it to work?

Send the animation rig to your friend, and let him upload it under his name. (Unless the game is in a group, you should be able to get animation working if you get the perms to edit group games.)

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will try to do that, thanks
aand yes it worked. thanks a bunch!!

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