Failed to Publish

Heya! I recently got someone to make a full-scale SCP: F for me and he has finally sent it to me. Whenever I attempt to publish it to Roblox it says failed. Is it because the file is too large? (32.9 MB) or is it something else?

Make sure you did not reach your limit of 200 games on your ROBLOX account. Also, make sure the file size isn’t too large. If you aren’t signed into your ROBLOX account, you will be unable to save, load, or publish places through ROBLOX Studio.

If I hit 200, do I need to archive some games?

I’m not sure if the game limit applies anymore on Roblox, that information is from 2018.

The limit for size on datastores is 4 MB, however I don’t know the place size limit.

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