Failed to Solve for Movement amount Error when building

Hey there, So this has been happening to me for a while now. I just never really thought about it until it started causing my movement to freeze or not be able to select other objects with ease as I normally can.



I brought this up on a different topic regarding studio lag and noticed 2 other people of had something similar happen to them.


Do you have a test case you can share (take a video of what you’re doing) where the movement actually fails to work correctly in a case where you think it should be working?

That’s the reason that I still have this warning enabled, because I was trying to figure out if there are actually any cases where this solve failure in weird edge cases is problematic, as it seemed harmless in my own testing.

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I have had this issue in early September and wanted to file a bug report but had no other people to reproduce this bug or “error”. This has flooded my output and prevents me from scrolling and moving a whole ton of warnings for decimal values or positions that take place 10(?) studs on the X, Y and Z axis.

I have a video that I found back on September 24th that showed this issue and warning inside the output when I was moving a part more than 400 studs and not a video when moving a part under 100 studs.

^ Don’t know if this is what you’re looking for as a test-case.

Also, why is this a thing inside Roblox Studio with a lot of users/developers when working? This isn’t great for my experience and has flooded my output a ton and making me scrolling for almost 20 ~ 32 seconds to get to the top or between sessions with prints or warnings from code(s) of mine, would like a feature to disable this somehow in studio.

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Because I wanted to know whether it was actually possible to hit that edge case in practice (and under what circumstances). The answer is yes (I can repro what you sent, thanks), so I can disable it now, you should see it disabled some time today.

I’ll try to get that “dragging from inside of a long part” case fixed.

The warning has been disabled, you should no longer see it (though you still won’t be able to move the part in the cases where it would have appeared until I get around to improving the underlying logic).

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Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Thanks for fixing it!