Fake Grass Plugin Causing Infection


This is more of a warning. There is a currently active grass plugin that when is active, causes the image below. To get rid of it, unfortunately, you have to go through each part and remove it independently. Before you remove it, you do have to remove the plugin from the studio or make it inactive. If you don’t do this before-hand, it will just cause the object to regenerate. If your stuck finding a grass generator, I’d recommend Grow Grass by Xysanth.


What it causes:


If you get this infection, run this in the command bar instead of manually deleting them all.

for _, item in next, workspace:GetDescendants() do
if item.Name == "INfecTION" then

(just edit the name to whatever the infection is called, just a quick removal)

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I made a really simple Plugin, you can just view the scripts in the game and delete them, etc…

Basically just look for names you don’t recognize and it shows you the directory to where the script is. It’s pretty basic as it’s something I just wrote-up to check stuff. It just scans through everything normally visible in the explorer and adds it if it’s a Local Script, Normal Script, or Module Script.

Edit: I must say, this only detects the scripts and in the future I’ll probably change it so you can delete any item by name or type of your choosing, and check descendants/parents and etc… but the infection thing’s parent isn’t a script so I’d use the Plugin to find the directory and manually go through and remove them.


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