Fantasy leaderboard

hii, i am making a fantasy leaderboard but i don’t know what to add to make it more special. I think its look a bit weird, miss stuff.


This is very detailed, very smooth and clean. Maybe in the middle, inside of the circle make it purple neon or something. Maybe purple forcefield. :slight_smile:


I agree to @iiZescah you should definetly add something neon. If you keep the background dark shades, like blue or purple, fir more. For a lighter background l recommend warm colors like red, orange or yellow. As a For the shape of those neon parts I personally use Runes to make it kinda mysterious. I would make one rune on each of the large pieces around the board.

Hope I could help.

:christmas_tree: Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:


Pretty cool and unique idk how i feel about it yet but it looks cool and well made!
Keep up the good work!


Looks very interesting! The quality, smoothness, and uniqueness make this a plus. The only suggestion I have is adding a purple type of particle around it. Great job :smile: :astonished:!

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i want to add good particule but i don’t know how to make a good quality particle

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Looks really nice, I can agree with @Disparrel .
That would look really nice.

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