FastCast raycasting going down when firing under sky

Hello again !
I had a lot of issues with FastCast by @EtiTheSpirit , and this one pretty simple to understand.
When I start firing under the line of the sky, the casts are going down and don’t make their way to the direction. Heres a sketch (don’t minde my skills)

Cross are mouse hit position, origin is the orange dot and yellow lines are the casts.

My code doesn’t have any errors (exact same as Example Gun) I don’t really know what could be wrong.


This is not an FC error. This has to do with how Roblox handles hit detection positions on the skybox.

The intent of a skybox click is for the distance of the projection to be “infinite” (emphasis on the quotation marks). This causes a different result than when you click on a nearby target.

There’s a few ways to fix this and each is different depending on the game. I won’t elaborate since this is something you can research yourself, but its worth it to note.

It is a FPS Game right now, any idea how I could fix this ? Because I already worked out by the past with FC and never had this problem.