Favorite tab Pms

Ok, not sure if someone has made a post about this, if so, it has to be a LONG time ago.

I wish we had a tab, like archive, just for our favorite pms, right now, many people keep pms in their innbox, and move un important pms to archive, with a “Favorite” tab, we could keep our inbox clean, and only get new pms in there, and have good veiw of our favorite/important pms.

This is what archive is for though

You can’t archive Roblox notifications, however. It just trashes them.

Why would you want to favorite ROBLOX notifications? “Woo I got 1000 Robux from the Atlanta Maker Faire I’m going to save this so I can bask in all its glory whenever I look back at it!”

That means a lot to some users

[size=1]pretty sure this kind of attitude is why you keep having to make reappearances here[/size]

That means a lot to some users

pretty sure this kind of attitude is why you keep having to make reappearances here[/quote]

Chill out please. What I said wasn’t intended to be insult – you don’t need to make it into one. Turning this thread into an all-about-Echo thread is probably not desired by anyone.

Notifications aren’t even messages to begin with, you can’t respond to them or anything and the interface is entirely different. Archiving them doesn’t make as much sense as just screenshotting them.

Also it would be great if we could just not start making assumptions about people. I fail to see what potential constructive discussion could result from that.

That brings up the century old idea of that we shouldn’t have notifications sent to our inbox, rather than doing something along the lines of showing them on your home page.

Wasn’t talking about the notifications, i was talking about PMS that i want to favorite, and keep, like if i get game suggestions, i don’t want to let them lay around in my inbox, just because i don’t have anywere to place it, while i get new messages, and archive, works as a trash can for me…

Sadly I used the archive as a trash can… :uhhh: