FBX importing with strange cuts

We made a sword for our game, but when we import it there’s some strange cuts in the mesh. They don’t appear in blender, only on roblox. We already tried checking off double_sided and reimporting it. Importing it as an obj worked, the only problem is that we need it to be an fbx so that it’s seperated into different parts.


Any help is appriciated.

I’m not sure if this is the case but it might be due to a polygon limit on Robloxs side.

In Blender did you try to correct which side faces out (normals)?
Tips & Tricks for Blender 2.9 | Show Normals and Faces Orientation - YouTube might help.

Clicking double-sided should only be used to see if the faces are reversed, not to trick them into working improperly.

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