FE Annoying VM Bugs

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    FE gun kit (bluric_64 version) having this bug and it has caused alot of problem

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    Problem is when viewmodel shows up it will causes animations to go frenzy like worse. Here, take a look yourself.
    robloxapp-20230711-1931304.wmv (4.0 MB)
    *Ignore third person, ill fix it later
    Meanwhile the animation:

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    Facts here, Yes and no. No solution seems helping me here.

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  • I have animated a full animation kit on the wrong viewmodel
    and have to reanimate.
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The one you’re using is outdated, consider swapping this to thienbao’s merged pack for bug fixes here.

Oop. So… long story short. I forgot that the viewmodel is anchored. That’s why it is glitching like that, I fixed it like after i posted this. Sorry for not adding any response to the situation

(ay nice bluric actually replied)

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