Feature Request - Regional Matchmaking

As a Roblox Developer it is currently impossible to do regional matchmaking. My suggestion is regional matchmaking, to clarify I mean a matchmaking service where you can choose what region players play in. I don’t think that the matchmaking part is 100% necessary, my suggestion more revolves about being able to put users in a server in a specific region. Why should this be added?
This should be added because of it being able to improve the user experience, due to the following reasons:
• Being able to put users in a server in a specified region, can reduce the ping of players, therefore improving the player experience in more competitive games, such as in first person shooters, racing games, fast paced sport games such as soccer, basketball and ice hockey.
• Let’s say there’s a coin, and 2 people are racing for it. There’s 2 players, one is from Europe, other one is from Asia. There’s a noticeable ping difference, so if the 2nd player gets to the coin first, however europe is closer to the server and the 1st person comes second however only by a 100 ms difference, the server will detect that the 1st player came first, due to the large difference of ping the 1st and 2nd player has.
Ending statement
I feel like this feature request got a bit short and was a bit bad, though this is my first one. I feel like this is a feature that has a lot of potential to improve gameplay in more competitive games in Roblox. This is a feature I’d love to see in the future. Sorry for the non sense I added.


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