Fedback on my updated first building

I have updated my first building from a few days ago

I hope you guys like it


  • I like it
  • i hate it

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Next time, make sure to update your original post so you don’t get flagged for spam. :smiley:

you know why i made the i hate it option

its so no one would select it but you have just ruined my plan by choosing it

Hmmm… I have been building for a good 4-5 years now on multiple platforms, and I do think that it is good for the style you are going for. When I first started my buildings were very basic but then over time you just start adding more detail as it is natural. But if the style you are going for here is sort of low poly, you have done a good start. I would just touch up on the windows a little bit as there is hardly no space between them which makes it a little bit unrealistic. Also, maybe make the red a little darker has it is very bright for a building. But other than that I think you have done a good job for a beginner. :slight_smile:

thank you i worked about 30 minutes on it

heres the link for it

Hey. I think the poll is a bit harsh, therefore allowing others to automatically vote I like it rather than a harsher I hate it. The build is improved but the window frames are still really chunky

I like it, it gives me the classic roblox vibe. Maybe you can add more detail like shadow, other then that, I like it.
Edit: I think this is good for a first building!

In my opinion looks good, but there are things that need to be fixed

This looks pretty bad u could watch this tutorial to improve it
Could you align these door handles they look very close together

All you need to do is make the door frame smaller and make the windows jet out less, otherwise it’s pretty good for a first building.


I agree with @anon65830796. I think this is great for a first build though! Well done!

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Much better progression getting into more detail fix up the door a little by making it smaller in the middle it’s a little too big but it’s good for starters keep it up! :+1:

The problem i see is that in the image that contains the windows there are some z-fighting going on at the top, I would say remove that and it looks much better.