[Feed Back] Can you please tell me how I did?

If you can please Rate this I will really Appreciate it!

Please comment down bellow what you think of it 1/10 or suggestions. Thank you very much for reading!

6.5/10. I think the font is nice and colors, but I would add like a slimey blob around the whole thing or some sort of icon art. :+1: :sick:

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Thank you for commenting. I was thinking about that but I dont really want to draw.

It would be a lot better if you added some effects, just like what I did


I mean I could do that but the shading looks a bit weird.

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I really like it maybe make the text a bit more 3D and a creature in the backdrop like how red manta does theirs.


I will take that Suggestion. That doesnt really look 3d? & I wasnt aiming it to look 3d at all.

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Has little detail, and you shouldn’t add shine on every single letter it makes the whole thing look off and kinda weird. One another thing you should add are small effects around the text.

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It needs something more interesting to captivate someone. Maybe more 3Dness (if you know what I mean) which makes it look more legitimate too.

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It looks pretty good, but you could add some more stuff to have a greater eye-grabbing effect.

For example, you could use some bring colors to make oh lets say a lollipop or candy and whatnot, and encase that with slime. Or you could have something related to your game encased in slime. Just things like that. Bright colors grab people’es attention.

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