Feed back low poly tower

I built this tower and im going to make a new one, to not make same “error” or make something better i want your opinion on this low poly wizard tower.

i make everything on roblox studio, so don’t give me advice who require another platform like blender or cinema4D.
You can contact me on twitter: .https://twitter.com/xlefaceur

thank you for your feed back:slightly_smiling_face:


I would make the bricks a little bigger and keep their color a bit closer to the main wall color to make them look less like an “extra detail” added onto a smooth plastic wall.
Also, the vines could probably be simplified to fit the rest of the building style (thicker/less parts)
Other than that, anything with a shape/design similar to this could definitely work.

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thank you, i made brick with the same color of the wall of my new tower.

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The tower looks incredible! You have done yourself a virtue.


your advice is the best

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Fantastic! That is a awesome tower! To me, it is good at it is.

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It looks great, sure, but it isn’t low poly. In fact, don’t even use the word “low poly” unless you’re referring specifically to 3D modelling and the practice of using low polygon count with the interest of performance, simplicity, rigging, etc.

Low Poly Is Not A Style.

It is, however, a really nice flat shading and textureless tower. A little busy in some areas so my eyes don’t know where the focus is, but otherwise it’s good.


oh okay thank you, so how can i call my build style ? i don’t want use any texture and i want make much details (this is not finished)

Your tower is really good It detailed and low poly and made in Studio keep good work!

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I would make the wood beams a little more spaced out so you can have the door directly in the center (this is useless cuz im a year late but im still commenting)

haha lol yea. Now i 3D model so this feedback is really uselessXD