Feed back on Cave GFX

Hey, I made a GFX for Phorest Studio and I would like some feedback So I can improve on future work.


Good, maybe make the background have a little more light, this would not be realistic full black the whole way through the Cave. Due to the Sun lighting up the Moon this would cause it to have more light.

in the picture it seems like hes walking, when you walk you use opposite arms and legs for movement but in the picture the roblox character uses the same side limbs for movement,. the character doesnt look lively aswell

Maybe add a light on the torch right back there, and maybe have a light on those color balls, so it might be more interesting to see.

nice, but idk why gems glow, but then don’t give off light. scene is realy nice but ehere is the light on the dude coming from? why are there no lanterns anywhere? the posing is really stiff and rigid also

I would try to focus a little more on your characters. His face is a little strange and the clothes look like a beggar during the Roman Empire. No criticism whatsoever, its pretty good if you are starting out.

It was a GFX I started working on after a long break for blender, Just finished the editing this morning

alr, good. The lighting makes the character look like a toy. try to mess around with metallic and roughness. Something else wrong is that the background is waay to dark. 5.5/10, keep it up. :grin: :+1: