Feed back on my art piece, "Candy Pop"

Greetings! I would like some feedback on my art. Any feedback is welcomed! Rate out of the structure, color, and presentation! Thank you.

This will be used as a decal for my game. Any tips on how to color shirts, via; wrinkles and such?
About the character;
Name: Candy Pop
Origine: DanceOfAngels
Why this character?: I am making a creepypasta Role Play game and thought I might put time and effort into it, and I don’t want copyright claims for “stealing” art.
Non the less, I thank you for your time, and feedback assuming you did comment, on that note, have a very great rest of your day/night!


Ooooh that’s looking really great! I’m not an Artist myself so I don’t see any feedback that could be changed, so great job with this!

i’m going to be honest, it’s not amazing nor is it terrible. the airbrush-like texture doesn’t look that good especially when shading. it’s too visible. another thing is the neck–what are those little purple shading spots? are they supposed to be veins. or…? plus why is the background, including the ponytail, blurred? last thing, is the shirt shaded with black but you just lowered the opacity? shading with black never looks good, that’s from an artist’s pov. i’m not trying to be brutal but i don’t think this would make a good game icon. it is pretty good but not super amazing.

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