Feed Back On My First low poly Terrian

This is my first attempt at low poly terrain, and my first successful attempt at blender any feedback helps so here it is :slight_smile:


That looks very nice! You did a great job in modelling the trees, and the terrain.

The only critiques I can think of, is to possibly add a bit more variety, so that the scene is more fun to look at, and gives you different things, besides trees, to look at as you gaze across the beautiful snowy scene. Houses, mountains in the background, frozen pond, ect.

As well as not making the stone section perfectly flat in the center. The point of low poly is to have few faces, but a little bit of texture on the rock would be nice.

Overall though it is very clean looking, and is a really great first low polygon build. Keep up the great work!


Do you mind showing more then one image of the terrain but angles of the terrain (the terrain in its full proper size) the image you provided is good, but it would help to see different angles of the map and elevation more clearer.

In terms of the build, it’s a good attempt. The flat surfaces in the terrain, however, looks like it could but it could be improved a bit more. Throw different vegetation even snowy rocks to match the design your going for it’ll improve the build and set a perfect atmosphere.

You could try experimenting with elevation placed in the corners on the terrain, adding variation into the trees would set a better atmosphere compared to this I would decrease the repetition.

At the start, it’s good already I would play around with adding elevation terrain in real life aren’t completely flat on the corner edges add rocky area’s hills mountains so on and so forth. I just recommend decreasing the amount of trees it should add variation and height and shapes to deform a better appearance. :slight_smile:

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I forgot to save before closing thats why there is not any trees in this photo but here it is: