Feed back on my new low poly house

Hello, i am building a new lobby, and this house will be on my lobby. I don’t know wich price i can set for this house, help me please. Thank you
oh and don’t hesitate to tell me what do you think about this low poly house


Looks really nice. The roof could use more detail, but other than that it looks great

It looks very nice. However, I feel like as if it was a bit rushed. Otherwise, it looks very nice and appealing.

yes your right, i rushed because i want to sell my lobby the faster possible

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Looks great, would look better if it had neon windows and brick parts for the house.

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I see your point. However, quality over quantity. Always try to take your time while making builds to have the best outcomes! Anyways, best of luck selling!

I really like it! Your color scheme complements your work really well and the angle on the wall makes it look better! I don’t see much wrong with your work. Keep it up!

I like it, I’d suggest changing the window colors from black to either neon yellow, or white. It also to me seems like it was rushed a bit, you should redo it and take your time. I feel like the outcome will be a lot better!

yes i understand but i prefer black than yellow neon

I don’t see any problem with it, I think it’s really nice and detailed, but the windows can use a bit more color instead of only black. Besides that really nice house.

thank you but i prefer to keep black :grin:

Looks really nice!
Some suggestions:

  • Adding more detail to the roof.
  • Maybe recoloring the windows? They seem a bit odd.
  • The door looks a bit weird to me, is it properly sized with a comparison of the normal player size? Or is the house just on the large side?
  • Maybe add more detail, such as flowers, bushes, etc.

Sorry if these have been previously suggested.

yes, the door fit for players, i just asked feedback for the house, not for the island (im working on the island) i prefer let the windows black. I tried for roof with more details and its too much next to the house wall

Maybe having 1 or 2 neon yellow to make it seem like lights are on in the house? that could make better

It doesn’t looks to be low poly, you added too much depth details in the roof and for the wood frames, however it fits well with the rest of the enviroment. Good job :slight_smile:

Hi there! I really enjoy this project! I love the detail and the Fantasy mixed with Low Poly Atmosphere! I do have a few suggestions though. I suggest adding some more detailed props around the house. For example: Fences, Flowers, Grass, Bird Houses, Etc. I suggest some re-coloring of the windows, and the door does not fit in with the whole Low-Poly aspect of the house. Other than that, I have no further suggestions. Good Luck!

i made fences, grass, not a bird house but i made a chicken house. I will show the full lobby on my futur post in market place

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It looks really nice. I would sell it about 250R$.

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To be honest, I would sell it around 100-300 R$.