Feed back on my shop GUI

I need feedback on my shop GUI, how can I make it more good? What’s bad in it? Thanks in advance!



First glance, it looks great! It does look nice for a first time GUI, I guess you could make the buttons round, with the roundify plugin.

Overall, the color choice can change, instead of having it all be the same for the border and background, but good start! Nice work! :happy4:


I don’t really like the colors. It seems very dull. This website material.io has a color wheel towards the bottom the page, which is great for picking out colors. Is the “X” button to exit the shop, or something else. If its for the exit button, it should be around a top corner. You should use more rounded edges too, like @loueque said.

It looks okay overall!

  • First of all, i would position the ‘X’ button at the top, as i believe that lots of players would find that to be an uncomfortable place for a close button. I would also change the colour so that it doesn’t doesn’t look bland and difficult to find.

  • Secondly, i would try and add a gradient to the frame/background, to make the shop look more lively and attractive (i believe there is a plugin for that, don’t have a link tho).

  • Lastly i would try and use custom text from this website. Go to fonts, and find the font you like the most. It really makes the shop much more vibrant.

Hope this helps and good luck! :+1:


I’m not a master in GUI, but this is a good start! It’s not the best, but I’ve seen much worse. You should change the colors to something a bit better, and roundify it, like @loueque and @MooskaisFlawless stated.

Otherwise, this is a good start!

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Sorry if my reply looked like a negative comment, i just want the best for every developer.

When i say UI gradient i mean nice patterns as a background, such as these:

(i like the bottom left one hehe)

You can download one somewhere and upload it as a decal. It really brings everything in your GUI alive (also really helpful if you want to become a professional UI Designer).

If you were able to add the round frame with the gradient(s) (most likely with a photo editor software) i’m sure it would be very attractive and receive LOTS of positive opinions.

If you are confused please let me know, i’m always free to help.

Hope this helps! :+1:

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It looks kinda ‘messy’ i would change the colours and pick a good colour palette. like @IocaIe said the x button is in the wrong place and i would move the Item, Value and Cost to the left side seeing that the colon is on the right.

You can get gradients like that in this plugin ,you can also get cool icons, very useful:

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Can really help you achieve the level you are striving for.

Look at this gui that i made(Its a bad example but whatever i’m not good at ui design.

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This is a pretty good start, I would change the color though.

The ‘x’ button should be on the top right or top left instead. I think the ‘item, value, cost’ buttons should be on the left.

Looks good job job well done keep up the good work

You should look at the other replies i literally said the exact same thing btw.

That’s not needed. We can easily make cool Gradients already, using UIGradient

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