(Feedback) 9/11 Memorial

Hello, I’ve been working on this 9/11 memorial for 5 days by now. I’m looking for feedback on what looks off, textures, shape, lighting, too much? I am not done, I’m only 35%-60% done, just looking for feedback on the build so far. Thank you! This is not a game to be played for fun, it’s simply a memorial showcase. When making this, I’ve had thoughts about whether this was controversial. If it’s controversial please improvise, I’m not looking to offend any person.

Thank you, Vilatic.


Im pretty sure the fire and building in shambles is kind of controversial. I would remove that. If its a memorial maybe dont do it during the attack itself.


https://www.roblox.com/games/5634544022/Vilatics-Place-Number-117 - game

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Thank you for the feedback, I will restore the building If more people say this. Sorry

The lightings are fine, the designs are good. Just the color and the material of the items bothers me. Try to be creative and add some colors to it!

I think they were trying to be somewhat realistic, the real original WTC was mostly white inside.

Can you improvise? What colors do you want me to add… I’m kind of color illiterate with my builds. Likewise, I was thinking to make the building grey because of how architects in the 70s designed their buildings, like @Coldshot_Dev said.

You could add like slate material, black color, or use your creativity.

Looks great. Love the details and lighting from the outside!

This is actually insanely insensitive…


Crazy thought, maybe DONT make a game about 9/11 in the office where the planes hit??? like if you wanna make a memorial make some fancy stone with the names of those who died or literally anything other then a 9/11 roleplay game???

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Its a high quality and good build but you REALLY shouldn’t make games about something very bad, like 9/11.

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Wow… this is very cool just maybe remove the fire because I don’t think it’s the best to make it seem like it was during the attacks. But very good job, there isn’t a lot of people out there who make memorials.

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I think you have a good idea in mind, but you would need to approach this in a careful manner. Your building does look amazing, and I think it can be good. Here are some suggestions to make sure it complies with Roblox’s rules, and that it’s handled well.

Roblox does state in its rules to avoid shocking, real world tragedies.

"1. Overly violent content and/or content related to tragic current events or circumstances. We do not allow such content, including:

  • Atrocities, massacres, and other shocking real (or pseudo-real) world events; and
  • Extreme violence, physical or psychological abuse."

I would suggest removing the fire, as many devforum members have suggested. I think if you built the World Trade Center before it was attacked, it would be more likely to comply with Roblox rules.

I also suggest adding a warning, in case someone may not want to hear about a tragic event. If you want to retell the story, I could suggest adding a rock/area that says what happened, to educate people on the events, and act as a memorial for the victims of this event.


I appreciate the thought and work put into it, but Roblox has put in their ToS that you can’t make games of tragic events. I am not sure if this applies to informational games that are made to educate, but from what the images look like it looks more of a recreation which might be offensive.

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      Thank you for your honest feedback, I wasn't looking to offend anyone, and when making this I should've thought about other aspects. I was trying to highlight their bravery in the moment, but I think making a game like this would be not a great way to do so. So, this is my apology to anyone offended, there isn't an excuse for my thinking, and I will revert. However, I promise I had no bad intentions. Have a good day. I will also send pics of the reverted version soon, perhaps in 30 minutes. If you have any further things to say, please do, I'm open to criticism.
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Revision, made the office in its original state. Feedback?

This isn’t a roleplay game, as stated above.

Hi, Vilatic. I thought the building in the game was amazing. I like the broken panels and littered papers as it highlights the chilling situation. I also liked the Windows of the World meeting Easter egg. For constructive criticism, I would ask you you to remove the Roblox references in the game as it feels inappropriate. To the developers saying this game is insensitive and breaks Roblox TOS, nobody really felt this way about the Roblox game Titanic, where 1,503 (source) died in the real-life tragedy. I found Titanic really insensitive. Just to remind you, Titanic is heavily monetized (over $25 USD in gamepasses), and has stayed up for 5 years with no moderation issues. Titanic also encourages roleplay, which @budmomo had issues with Vilatic for doing (he didn’t even make a roleplay). In a sense, it feels kind of biased that you all are harping on Vilatic for making a 9/11 MEMORIAL game (not roleplay, as they stated) but not holding the developers of similar games accountable for basically profiting off peoples deaths.

Thank you,

I love it but I noticed that you can’t sit in the chairs you should make it so you can sit in it