[FEEDBACK] A Low Poly hut

I am making this hut as a part of a commission. Is there anything I can fix?


Yep, the shape looks terrible you need to make the shape full square or any other shapes because the hut looks like it’s falling apart. By the way, I loved your creation.

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I’m confused, what part of the shape looks terrible. Huts aren’t perfectly square, and the falling apart is kind of the aesthetic. Thanks for your feedback though!

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It looks good, but it doesn’t really look like a hut. The hut is really small and doesn’t just feel right, it also doesn’t really look like a hut because they don’t have doors like that and there isn’t much detail. I like it though but everything is just really small. I suggest scrapping and it lookup a hut image and copy it. This is up to you, but there isn’t much to do when the model is already done in blender. Keep the workup. :ok_hand:

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I do see where you say it doesn’t look like a hut. I kind of went for a hut/shack type of thing and I can see where it kind of doesn’t mix well. Thanks for your feedback!

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I think the roof and door look a little bit weird. Whenever I think huts like this I always think straw roofs or something, but this is more like a medieval roof at the top of a tower.

The door looks like 4 planks of wood slapped into the wall, which doesn’t look right. I’d say make the door a full plank instead of cut up piece, and then add little chips of it cut out of the sides. But, if you made it a full plank and had instead made the grain of the door look almost the same color as the walls. I’d suggest changing the grain color, if possible, to make it look like a solid door.

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I like the style your going for

I am a noob when it comes to low-poly, but I suggest you increase the overall size of the roof (height and width) so it overhangs over the building itself a bit more, also maybe try giving a few sides of the building some pillars to give it a nicer shape (an arch over the door would be nice so it doesn’t look so flat).

Try messing around with it in blender more so it has more of a con-caving shape, from my little experience with low-poly what really stands out is when the overall shape seems very comical and exaggerated

I really like the overall shape and feel of it. Though I’m not sure what type of hut you were going for exactly, it looks kind of intimidating and mysterious like it might be a witch’s hut or something from a Tim Burton movie.


Looks like a little witches hut kinda quirky

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I would give the hut a bit more shape. However the low-poly style is kind of nice, but definitely a lot more room for improvements!

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Ummm the shape looks wierd maybe you can try fixing that