Feedback about my little building packs

So, i’m a begginer in building and i’m looking to work with it in roblox, i’ve made this post to ask for feedback about the two little packs of building stuff i’ve made, can you help me?

Camping Pack

Camping pack

Jungle Pack

Jungle pack

I would like to ask about pricing too but it says in the rules that we cant ask for this, so i’m not sure if you could help me with it, if not, just give me the feedback, thank you guys.


I like the idea of themed packs. Overall, it’s decent. Possibly adding more items in the packs would be a good idea.


The assets look quite nice! I do recommend on trying to detail some of the items, if you’re wanting for the pack to sell for more? For example, you could curve the tree’s trunk, or add small branches to it. You could also add more to it, so others would have another reason to buying the pack. Small details to the items in the pack could attract more users to buy them, too. Overall, it looks like pretty good! (-:

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For the Jungle Pack, it doesn’t feel that it’s a jungle. I think what you could do is add more of a “jungely feeling” such as (trees, etc.) I do love however that you made the logs (though the log is pretty plan. Decals could help.), and the barrel of fruits, etc. To attract others to buying your models, you could add detail. It never hurts to add more and more detail to your creations!

Good luck! :smile:

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Looks pretty good. But I can’t judge I’m a starter builder.

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I think the Jungle one needs different terrain, or at least more jungle plants and such added to it, like vines and exotic plant life

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Love the camping pack! I suggest that you should add more nature, and maybe add some assets you would find when you go camping, or go out into the jungle.


Overall pretty good builds.

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I think your assets for starters looks pretty good, but there’s a few things you could possibly add to your camping pack, and jungle pack. Firstly, your jungle pack is lacking details and more different plants that could be added. If you’re making a full jungle pack I would add some ferns, grass, bushes, jungle trees, Epiphytes, orchids, Rattan Palm, vines, weeds, branches, ect.

Just to give you’r build a little more detail to it and the same goes for the, camping, pack I would recommend creating different types of assets such as sleeping bags, boxes, tables, flashlights, Binocular, Lantern, backpacks, and camping chairs. With other assets inside this will get people to buy them since they’re full with different types of assets. Overall you have done a great job!

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Great Job, maybe try experimenting more with Blender, as I’m seeing you’ve done with the trees, for more of the builds. In my past experiences people will pay more for imported meshes, since they are less parts and often times look better and smoother then part made assets. Keep up the great work good job.

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