[FEEDBACK] An Attempt on Terrain

A while ago, I created a place that focuses on the use of terrain, while I do not have any high knowledge on terrain, I have worked on it for a bit on my first try while learning more about the tools and the basics of terrain.

I should also mention that it also utilizes the new DepthOfFieldEffect property and here are the results with the terrain I’ve worked with in the past:

I’m open for any feedback and suggestions to what areas I should improve on when dealing with terrain!

oh yea, I didn’t turn on decorations for realistic grass shocker


This is amazing! I love what you created with DOF!

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Mushrooms looks bad. Try to remake it again !

But its very good !


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I’ll see what I can do with the mushrooms, maybe Blender would help out.

Thank you for the feedback!

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No problem !

30 charsssssssssssssss

I would make the DOF less strong. It’s way too noticeable. Personally, I do not like the current version, hopefully ROBLOX will update it.

Mushrooms, yeah. Definetly could be done in blender but they are fine, maybe less red, and a beige stem.

Trees are kind of boring, but some variation in the green shades would be nice. I like the sky box choice.

I like everything about it. The only thing I suggest is adding other types of vegetation instead of trees to make it more realistic as some spots in the pictures just appear to be missing things, adding a simple bridge going over the water running down from places like a waterfall could make it more appealing and life like. But, that would also depend on what you are going for or how you imagined it to look like in your point of view.

As well it would be better if you add some minor vegetation objects around the terrain and or inside the water, such as plants, variety of trees, rocks, leaves, lily pads, cattails, and more if you feel like it’s needed. Those small things missing would add a little realistic environment to the whole scene or even consider adding some hills instead of the terrain being all plain. Maybe a small wooden hut or a building somewhere in the trees would add a small improvement to the terrain.


I see, I’ll see what I can do to fill in the missing spots and add more realism into the scene and apply what you suggest. Looks like small details are more important…

I do appreciate the feedback and suggestions!

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Definitely could add more textures to the ground like this >

Also, a tad bit of brighter lighting either making it more blue or yellow would help the scene pop.


You should try using textures and darker hues of red such as blood-red or maroon to give it a more realistic feeling

Definitely add more vegetation a long with different tree types, anything to really bring out the build. Make some of the models for your build in blender rather than roblox studio, as blender is more efficient than studio in most instances. Another issue is the current DOF settings, it’s set way too strong and gives a weird look. Other than that I think you did pretty decent, good job.

If you want you can check out my latest post on the speedbuilt, I used terrain and my skeleton for the structure alongside vegetation to bring out the realism. Otherwise it’s a decent start.

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Looks great! The only thing I would fix is the mushrooms. They stand out a bit to much. Maybe try a different material?

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For first try, and using tools you haven’t used previously, this is really excellent. The build of the mushrooms looks to be out of place. Seems like something you’d discover in a low poly build. The lowering into the pond should be more natural with the edges. But other than that, very neat.

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