Feedback and a showcase of my latest game

This is VTRB, a game i have been working on for quite a long time with other people.

VTRB has been in development for well over 6 months now. I thought it would be a good idea to put it here.

lol i just realised how stupid i sound. anyway, enjoy the game.

Play the game here.

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Alright, so it looks really nice, but you could add a bit more detail to the hall way.

Looks great!

This gave me Portal type vibes, it’s very cool and has a very thick atmosphere. I can tell a lot of work was put into this and is very impressive. You and your friends are very talented. :grin:

This is incredible! I think you did an amazing job! I love the attention to detail, like the cords that wrap around the light poles.
I walked around in first person view for a while because I was seriously amazed by how great this build looked.
I love it, keep up the great work!