Feedback and advertising

I created a game with my friend. It’s name is Prop Hunters. We wanted to collect feedback about our product. We want to know what would you guys change, why would/wouldn’t you play this game. If you don’t mind, please tell us your review. Please remember - it’s round based game so please wait for anyone other to join or bring your friends.

By the way, do you know how can I make this game popular? I have 10k robux only, I asked youtubers for partnership but they didn’treply. Do you know if there are any roblox “sponsors” who help and later take some % revenue of our game? How can we find them? It would be very helpful for us.

Here you can see this game

Have a nice day!

Here are some photos of this game


As I said in PM I can manage your Robux for advertising/sponsoring.

We don’t have enough rbx to sponsor this game

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Okay. Have a good day/morning/afternoon/night/evening/or-something-else !

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