Feedback and asking for lighting help for GFX

Hello there! I am looking for feedback on my render, and I am wondering if anyone can help and or link any good tutorials for lighting in Blender. Thank you!

The picture

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It looks good. :+1::+1:
And here is a link that might help you:

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 6.27.32 pm Not a GFX designer but I don’t think your wanting the blue inside the hair overall a decant GFX fix that and it will look even better.

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Try using point light and not area light. If you are using point light try using a higher intensity. Try using a HDRI. You can go to HDRI heaven and get some high quality HDRI’s for free. I think that might sort out your issue. You could also try using a lightroom to give more intensity. :slight_smile: Hopefully this will help you out.

Try using an HDRI from HDRI Haven just like @OfficiallySpo_oky mentioned. You should also try and learn how to do three-point lighting as well. Here is a good video tutorial if you still need it.

I wouldn’t recommend blender as a “good lighting” type application for renders, it’d still work with blender, not trying to say that blender isn’t good with lighting or anything.

I do suggest that you use a spot light instead of an area light like Officially has stated

Try to play around with the strength of the light, you can set it at 1111 at first and decrease from there or increase if you don’t think it’s strong enough. Remember that the light will only appear in rendered mode. So remember to get out of Object Mode when you’re going to use your lighting.

You also can play around with characters pose, make it interesting and fun. It’s always good to a shot to do something and see its outcomes.

And if you feel like that you can do all of those steps and everything completely fine, try to do some 3d clothing on the character :eyes:

I’d recommend checking this lad out if you’re interested in making your clothes pop

Overall, great work :+1:

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