Feedback and help needed for blender!

hi, i’m saul and recently i’ve been wanting to get into modelling on blender so i thought i’d mess around with it today.

this is what i came up with… if anybody specialized in blender would be able to help, that’d be great
thanks :slight_smile:

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Um can I ask what is this?
(30 chars)

i wasn’t aiming at making anything but i was messing around with the functions and tools and this is what i made. if you read it properly, it says “this is what i came up with…”

So what exactly do you need help with then?

how to make a detailed and proper model, if you have any tutorials from youtube that are helpful, please send them :man_shrugging:

Look up the anvil blender tutorial it’s pretty good

Hey you forgot about the donut tutorial by Blender Guru


Anvils > Doughnuts
In my opinion atleast, but the doughnut is cool

LOL thanks guys!

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Yeah you’re right but Donut is the beginner one, anvil is for the intermediate(according to guru).

I’d recommend you to watch Andrew Price/ Blender Guru. He’s an amazing teacher.
The anvil or the chair series would be perfect!
I’d also recommend watching Daniel Krafft’s videos where he briefly explained all the blender nodes and modifiers.