Feedback and opinions on my music

Hey all. So recently, I’ve started composing my own music for my own horror game, since it is very hard to find suitable music for my game. And you can get very creative with your music too.

So I gave it a few shots, and made a few tracks, but i would like your opinions and feedback on my latest track that goes by the name of “Industrial Ruins”. Take a listen!

Please note that I’ve only been composing for about a month, so i still have much to learn, hence why I am asking for any feedback and opions.

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I think it’s pretty good, especially for someone who only been composing for a month! I could definitely see this music being used in a horror game.


This is really great! If it’s possible, maybe add some more reverb, which is gonna make it even more ambient and amonious! You’ve done a really good job on it!

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I think it is brilliant. I love the dissonant chords and the semitone intervals.

To improve I would say just tweaks are needed. e.g. melody up an octave maybe, different effects on the instrument like make it more resonant and reverb which convey a sense of loneliness.

I’ve never composed horror music before but I am not sure if horror music features drums. I could be wrong but I feel probably the drums don’t fit the genre.

Instruments that you can use for the melody if you want to you don’t have to are pitched percussion, piano/keyboard , organ, Theremin.

I think you have a lot going for you if this was one of your first compositions! Good luck on your journey. :+1:

This is one of my favourite horror soundtracks you can watch it if you’d like!.

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