Feedback and Suggestions about my upcoming horror game

All feedbacks and suggestions will be helpful to me as a single person who built this game.

I used tag Cool Creation because it uses (I think) all the tags.

Any Feedbacks and suggestions like Script, Building, GUI, Lighting, etc. are allowed here.

My game:


I’m on Mobile. I think it’s Computer only…

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I have no words. Absolutely astonishing work. I’ve liked and it’s on my favorites now. I can’t believe how amazing your game is man. Honestly, I’d expect at least 100 people to be on (concurrent) daily! Love it man, in fact, I love it so much, I’ll buy any gamepass you put on it! Good luck going forward! LEGEND!

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I agree with Ultraz, nice job dude! :+1:
How long has this taken you to make?

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I barely edit it because sometimes my laptop is broken. I have a bad specs laptop and I’m getting lazy because of it.

I will make a mobile version once I’ve done developing the Computer version of it. Sorry.

Looks pretty cool. Keep up the good work.

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