Feedback and suggestions for my power model

I was working on some stuff for fun and wanted to know what other people thought about it or what I could possibly add onto it to make it look better.
(Inspiration Seven deadly sins Escanor.)


The object doesn’t blend at all in the map, and it’s also way too bland in my opinion.

The cones of light are a bit sharp at the edges, so giving them a gradient fade out might look nice!
Other than that, looks good! The sun isn’t supposed to blend in I’d assume, if it’s based off of Escanor.

It’s over 9000!!!

Looks cool! How did you make the core part have a moving texture, or whatever you would call it?
edit: Also, maybe make the cones of light a bit more transparent, maybe use a NumberSequence?

The moving texture uses the force field material and uses a special texture to make it look like it’s moving while in fact it isn’t. Here is a tutorial I found online:
Sorry for late reply.

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That’s yeah I was trying to curve the rays of light to make it like a vortex of energy being sucked in; however, I couldn’t figure out to do it so I just made it as the energy was being released outwards. A bit like a kamehameha.

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If you were to use a rounded decal, like a patterned circle, for the wispy things that come off of the sun, might it look a little smoother? The rays look sharp on their own but i think paired with some extra effects around the part it would look normal.

Alright, thanks a lot for the suggestions I’ll try it and look into it when I get back on studios.

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