[FEEDBACK] Basic Mining Game

I wanted to create a basic game so I decided to choose a mining simulator. Could you guys give me feedback on what I should add or change? I’m more of a scripter and a GFX artist than a builder so that’s why the map is really simple and not detailed.


Bugs found:

The percentage on how much ‘damage’ you have done to a mineral doesn’t move.
Nothing else.

Make the starting ui instead of a play and about maybe just a load and play

Make it a bit more like where you have to find the minerals and stuff and not unlock. Maybe use the money to upgrade things?

Allow it where we can mine dirt and stuff

Make it where there are maybe some shops for things

Maybe some more animations for the mining?


Pretty good! But can be improved.

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Thank you for your feedback! I will definitely look into them

no problem! I was more than glad to help.

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It looks fine now, but can be improved a lot.

One thing that I would love to see is R15 and Rthro support. While R6 is great (and I prefer it over R15 and Rthro), it’s old and most games on the front-page today don’t support it.


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The global leaderboard updates every 20 seconds. You should be on there if you passed other players.

Ah, I just checked the leaderboard, waited a few seconds and left to give you feedback.

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The game itself looks very nice, and same with the scripts I haven’t found any bugs so far, so good job on that.

Some suggestion of myself,

  • The UI’s look kind of blank and a bit empty maybe add some images or other stuff to just make it look
    a bit more colorful and alive.

  • Maybe some kind of shop were you can buy better pickaxes after with money.

  • Maybe some animations as the other people also suggested.

But yes, I do know that this is a big WIP game and I overall think this can be pretty fun to play and has a good potential.
Keep it up!

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Thank you! I will definitely be adding a shop and tweaking the UI