[feedback] buckingham palace

So I was trying to re-create Buckingham Palace and this is how it went, I would like some tips and feedback. Please give me your honest opinion! :slight_smile:

  • I am attempting to re-create Buckingham Palace as realistic aspossible.
  • I need some help with how to make it more realistic. Give me tips and feedback please!
  • I have tried to change up : night to day and make the sunshine brighter, add shadows and so on…

Here is it, my attempt on Buckingham Palace!


I really like it, I’m not sure what to add except for the circle and fence up front. Looks good keep up the good work!..

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Very much appreciated! :slight_smile: Thanks for your feedback.

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Very good but some tips!
Try to do little mores details !
Add more detail on the roof !
Try to put details on the facade in the foreground !
Try to add the flag !
good luck ! (also don’t forgot lighting ;))


Thank, will try following all your tips! :slight_smile:

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holy jesus, this is great, not sure about the archs and the guard boxes

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Thank you so much! :joy: Appreciate it!

This is great!
In my opinion, you need to add more detail to roof, Maybe use textures or something.
And maybe you could add some street lights as a decoration.
Anyways, this is looking cool. Goodluck on your build!

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I appreciate your feedback alot!

Looks good. More pictures would be appreciated, as we could give more detailed feedback.

The detail is really nice. You should work on the front and add a flag on top of it.



First of all, it looks really good from far away, now I’d ask for more detail and images, to see some close ups and the small detail added onto the building.

Overall, it looks amazing, well done developer!

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Thank you, I appreciate your feedback.

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Will take some notes! Thanks for the feedback!