[FEEDBACK] Can i get some ideas what to do next?

Owner: @ jakeyT2507
Main Scripter: @4lve
Scripter: @ FriendlyBuilder24
I need some ideas.



This post has no detail whatsoever. What exactly do you need support for? There’s no point asking for ‘what to do next’ and providing a link to the place.

Maybe some details would help out. :slight_smile:

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Speech box is too low for the scientist, I couldn’t read all of the details and the graphics in my opinion differ a lot. Like there is blocky parkour jumps with round-ish terrain. Confusing on what I’m really supposed to do in the game. I went into this magical land by Roblox teleportation, I would had liked to know what I was going into. The land was very confusing to know where to go as there was also barriers stopping my movement. The magical land also had lots of rainbow effects.

Just play the game and tell us what you think bro

Make a re-make of mcdonald’s, I did that