[Feedback] Cartoon building

Hello, I would like some feedback on this building I made. Are there any improvements I can make to the build?

Note : This is my first build


Hey! :wave:

For a first build, it looks magnificent! I love the effort you put into this and the fact you didn’t rush it. For a beginner, in order not to overwhelm you, I’d suggest messing a bit with the rotation (such as of the tents) and the sizes of the assets.

I’d also suggest giving the windows a better color than black such as Neon Yellow in order to give the building a more realistic and vabrient look. Other than that, great work!

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the building really good but the shop sign need to little shrink or the word on the sign must be big and also is it wierd when the door is to big and the windows are to small. that only thing you need to remaster your cartoon building. that all for now and I will see you on the next reply.

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I like your building, it is very nice especially if it’s your first one. I suggest adding more details to the roof, also, try editing the SHOP sign, I recommend using a plugin to create the text.
Good luck!

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Hello! Wowee, for a first build that actually looks really great! Just a few suggestions. I think you should change the windows to a lighter shade of blue and add some low poly reflect shines that make it look like it is reflecting. Along with the door could be fixed. Overall though, it looks great!

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Your creation looks cool!

I no have any advices to you!

Best regards,

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Thank you all, Ill try to follow your tips and try to get better :smile:

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