[FEEDBACK] Cartoonish Walls

Some background information, I’m making a low-poly cartoonish RTS game. This wall will serve as a building that can be placed by the player.

This wall is ready to be used however it looks a bit… Off. I think it needs something more but I’m unsure what. Any opinion or feedback is appreciated!


Looks perfect imo :+1:

here are more mandatory characters aKJHASJKHDKJASHDKJHSAKJHKJDS


The scattered bricks look off to me. It is probably something to do with the ones on the right being longer than the others. I would make each brick have the same dimensions and experiment with making them larger and more evenly spread out.


Hi PlaceRebuilder,
That’s very nice. Thank you!

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For something a player places down it’s pretty good but I’d recommended changing the bricks that you placed along the walls as another poster said. I’d propose perhaps making a fitting decal? Not sure though, your best option would probably be just re-sizing the details on the walls and making them more fitting in some areas.

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I see. I’ll change up the shattered bricks placement and size and see how it goes!

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I really like it already and I really wanted to reply but since someone already said it was good, I didn’t want to be repetative so I have a suggestion- but honestly, you don’t have to add it if you don’t want to because it’s already good.

You can add detail/shape to the ending of the castle banners at the top.

Good job, it’s already perfect in my opinion on its own.

The wall looks like you achieved its purpose. I reckon you can just flip one of the wedges on the banners to form a triangular bottom.

Super nice work! Also this belongs in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations

looks decent but you should maybe make the bricks even.