Feedback: Clicktopia

Hey! I need feedback on my new game, Clicktopia. I’m mainly looking for the following feedback mentioned below, but others are welcome.

  • Content Diversity
  • Performance Optimization
  • User Interface and Experience

Game Link: (6) Clicktopia - Roblox
Also to be found in my group: “PixelXpress”


Alright there’s a lot to unpack.

  • Ui can overlap, consider changing that

  • Water is blinding, lower the bloom a bit

  • some things aren’t smooth plastic

  • Game severely lacks polish

  • add more sound effects

  • ui needs work

  • lighting needs improvements

  • Models need improvements too



I would like to offer some feedback based on my observations:

  • Start Screen: The initial screen appears somewhat bare. Consider enhancing it by adding more options, such as displaying pet tags, or allowing users to select a pet from a list, as is common in other simulator games with pet systems.
  • Pet Overlapping Issue: When rapidly rotating the character, there seems to be an issue with pets overlapping. You might want to address this by implementing code to adjust the positioning of pets. Here’s an example of how you could achieve this:
function calculatePosition(index, droneCount)
	local xDistance = 8
	local constantZDistance = 6

	local dronesPerRow = math.ceil(math.sqrt(droneCount))
	local rows = math.ceil(droneCount / dronesPerRow)

	local row = math.floor((index - 1) / dronesPerRow)
	local column = (index - 1) % dronesPerRow

	local xOffset = column * xDistance - (dronesPerRow - 1) * xDistance / 2
	local zOffset = -constantZDistance * row

	local totalDronesInRow = math.min(droneCount - row * dronesPerRow, dronesPerRow)
	local xOffsetCorrection = (xDistance * (dronesPerRow - totalDronesInRow)) / 2
	xOffset = xOffset + xOffsetCorrection

	local position =, 0, zOffset)

	return position
  • Teleport UI: The user interface for teleportation could benefit from some improvements to enhance the user experience.

  • Click UI Scaling: The scaling of the Click UI appears somewhat distorted, resembling a bending effect. This aspect could be refined for a more polished appearance.


  • Left GUI: The left-side GUI might not be essential. You could consider consolidating it into a stats GUI and access it through a button. This approach could be beneficial if you have plans to expand the stat data in the future.

These suggestions aim to enhance the overall user experience and improve the visual and functional aspects of your project. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance. Good luck with your Roblox project!

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