Feedback/Critique on Sci-Fi build! (constructive criticism needed!)


– Recently, I’ve started to build something I still find amazing!
I have started to build a Sci-Fi main menu build that took between 3-4 hours. I mainly need critique for the build as I need some improvements and may sell it in the future!

Anyway, here’s the sci-fi Build!

Sci-fi Build

Yup, That’s pretty much it…


As you can see, I’ve added A air filter, more clean design to the floor and a more stable roof.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Sincerely, Alkaline :wink:


i honestly love it! it reminds me of a lab or an SCP foundation hallway, but much more alive. keep up the good work <3

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I liked it! But the material of some on the floor I don’t liked it. Also I think you can add more details on the roof! Good work! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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I like it, but personnaly i don’t like the pebble material :confused: Try to use the metal material instead maybe ?


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I like this build a lot, It looks clean and nice, It’s hard to find anything to fix or change about it but I will say, maybe add some more detail to the ceiling maybe instead of one part used for it, overall very cool!

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this is very epic, only thing i would change is some floor colors

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This looks really nice, i personally don’t think you need to change anything.

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Hi, I’ve taken your suggestion and added it! It does make the floor feel more clean and fresh.

Nice! I like it now. [30 chars]

Hi, I have taken your suggestion and added some metal lines across it to make it look more stable and not empty.

This is honestly a magnificent job. You did a pretty good job but I think it’d look better if you used materials on the walls instead of plastic. Everything looks good I don’t have any other suggestion. And I don’t think I can find a way to improve this :+1:

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Thanks for the nice feedback, I chose the walls plastic as it gives it more of a clean atmosphere and making it look like the janitor did a good job xD

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Niceee, That looks great, I love how you did that, amazing job!

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Absolutely lovely! :smile: Great work, I can see this build going places.
Something I’d like to share is “Would someone build this in real life?”. If there’s no reason to have something in there (maybe something like the rope or random designs on walls/floors), then you should either create a reason or replace it with something that’d make more sense for the area.

Anyways, I really love the scene and the vibe it radiates is very nice. I’d recommend you continue working on this project/game as your building style is incredible! :+1: Great work!

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