[Feedback] Does my 1st Low Poly building is Good?

So this is my first try making LOW POLY building.


Wow, well done on your first Low Poly build. I love it.

Hi !

It’s a good start, try to improve your roads, add some grass (You can use terrain editor instead of parts and enable the grass)
Watch some videos about Blender to know the basics and after that you can build your own map objects in it…

Good work always pay !


Nice building! For your first it’s very nice! Good luck making more!.

Nice first attempt. Well done!

Epic job, impressive work! Over time you will become better and better, but I think this is the best first attempt I have seen!

Yeh man , this is good ! And not good … it is amaizing ! Continue working !

I would suggest re-naming the title. Low-Poly refers directly to 3D Modeling and an object with a low amount of polygons. Your style is technically not low-poly. Maybe rename the title to “Does my 1st Cartoony Build Look Good?”


It looks really nice for your first build, but I suggest you change the colors. The colors on the building are really bright, which doesn’t fit. Maybe use a color scheme generator (they really help)

You can also make the doors a little lower to the ground.

In the end this is a decent build, but there is always room for improvement! Keep building and growing your skills!

-Blox :smiley:

Looks pretty good if I don’t say myself.
(As Bloxrrey said) Try to make the colors less pop to make the eye look more at the building and the terrain instead of the color.
Hope this helps!

Thank you! (30 Characters… xD)

Thanks! (30 Characters… xd)

Thanks (30 Characters… xd)

Thank you very much!(30 Characters… xd)

Thank you Arkola! (30 Characters… xd)

Thank you for who told me Good Attempt and gave me some ideas! Thanks Again!

I would say apply different materials to the rest of your low-poly build just like the grass change the Skybox. Remove the shine on the windows change the material to neon change the building material to brick. :brick: The door wooden as well as the bench and stump and branches.:evergreen_tree:Change the leaves to grass to match the terrain. Change the road material :railway_track: to concrete. And your build looks pretty nice you did a Awesome job have a good day! :smile:

Thanks but If you look little bit more, you will see that I use “Grass” as the Trees Leaves

I know I should improve myself to be hired to an team, but I am new.

Your build doesn’t really have the low poly design as it seems like a square block placed with windows and a door. I think you have a somewhat decent product so far. I feel like more could be put on the building consider adding other shapes on the building. What I mean, if you look at a few images they have a lot of details on the buildings proper roofs, shapes, and the color of lighting which yours not reflecting in your piece as well. So look over these points, and take what you want from them this is just.

Anyways for the actual feedback:

The builds don’t have any shape whatsoever I would try adding more to the build to make it stand out a little more, try placing a more proper roof re-size the windows so it won’t feel the building up and possibly lower the door to the ground as it seems like it’s floating you don’t have anything in front of the building. I would suggest placing some stairs the other buildings which look re-sized and repetitive, which probably isn’t good in my opinion, so maybe remove some of the ones that aren’t really needed and try creating other buildings.

Please invest more time into practicing and learning before looking for feedback so that what we say can be constructive feedback or something to take into consideration other than saying “Looks good so far keep it up”, but there isn’t much that could be said I hope you keep improving.

With what jordonh23 said, I totally agree. The build to me looks okay, but I would try different windows.