[FEEDBACK] Egg Frame

I would love to get some feedback on my egg-opening frame. I think that the image to the right looks the best and more clean, but most of my friends think otherwise. That is why I’m here to ask you.



Vote on the poll below for the one you believe looks the best:

  • Left frame [#1]
  • Right frame [#2]

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The left Frame looks alot more organised together so to say. Looks great

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Well, to be honest the left picture is more organized and the way the Egg Frame looks more descent.
The right side looks less interesting than the left one. In my opinion.

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I love the left one a lot more than the right one.

One thing you could add is if you haven’t unlocked the pet, it appears as a silhouette. This would add a mysterious vibe in it.

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The left frame looks better than the right in my opinion, it seems more organized and decent than the right frame.

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