Feedback | First 3D Model

I’m currently learning, I did this thanks to a video tutorial :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to download it, here is the file:
well.blend (1,5 MB)
well.obj (727,7 KB)


This is incredible. And, it only took one video? My goodness…

I can’t even make a sword with blender.

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There are many tutorials on how to make swords, it is just follow step by step and in the process you will learn to use the tools.

Thanks for the feedback! :grin:

If this is seriously your first 3d model, then you’re clearly talented. I can easily see you making 3d models for a lot of robux.


I hope that in the future :joy: Thanks


This is great! Am I allowed to use it? I will credit you.

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Yes, of course, you don’t have to give me credit if you don’t want to.
If it’s for Roblox Studio, you have to import it in parts :slightly_smiling_face:

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Alright, thanks so much. Massive fan of TheObby too!

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Can i know the tutorial you watched lol

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If that is the very first 3D mesh you ever made outside of Roblox than I am impressed,well actually it is quite impressive none the less, you have got some serious talent, keep it going !

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Here is the tutorial, if you want to try:

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