Feedback for 2048Merge

Hello Roblox!
I made a game last October called 2048Merge, not intending for it to actually be played. Recently, the game became my most popular game (with 13k visits), and I decided to improve it and update it a lot.

Here’s the link :slight_smile: [2048Merge [10K!] - Roblox]

Feel free to post any feedback here and please report any bugs (theres most likely a lot still)
Hope you enjoy the game :smile:

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Looks pretty fun and all but the UI scaling is a tad bit off, I recommend clicking thru everything with a plugin for scaling

( it’s like our of the screen a tad :frowning: )

Other than that I lov the gameplay :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback!
Was not aware of that scaling issue. I will try and fix it asap.

Just updated the game with a few fixes and UI scaling. Can you try playing again to see if the issue is fixed?

Um, Yah! But the game breaks after 9 QN and upgrading doesn’t work, integer limit perhaps? Also leaving resets the 2 upgrades which you can spam click and rejoin, i reached the end in ± 5 minutes this way :smiley:

Upgrades do stop at the 64-bit int limit, and I don’t think I’m going to fix it as it adds a bit of a challenge to late game.
Game shouldn’t be breaking near 9qn score but closer to 1000qn, I’ll look into that.

I’l look into the 2 upgrades as well

Thanks for the bug reports =)