Feedback for a Castle Build

My development team and I have been, for the past months, creating a showcase build of a castle and its interior to represent how our project, For Glory, is planned to look. We were attempting to go for a more detailed, realism-like style for this one, and had asked for feedback through social media, particularly Discord. However, the feedback for the most part has been quite negative, criticizing the terrain, the castle walls and its detailing, the build, the textures…pretty much everything has been criticized, and there’s even been some calls from people to fire our development team for it. I was wondering if I could get constructive feedback on behalf of the team here, as I no longer really know how to feel anymore about the build in light of all the recent negative feedback.

Here’s how it looks so far:

All feedback is welcome!


is that skyrim? or something like that? cuz that looks FANTASTIC! its really well made and realistic!